Q. I'm a Parkwood resident and/or homeowner.  How can I access all of the pages that are asking me to log in?
A.  Register at ParkwoodNC.org/register.  For help, view or print this Step-by-Step Guide.

Q. How do I pay my dues online?
A.  Go to the link on our Parkwood NC website:  https://sites.google.com/site/parkwoodhomeowners/pay-your-dues . This will lead you to a link at the bottom of the page to CAS, Inc. which is the company that manages collection of HOA fees for the Association. You will need to know 3 numbers when paying online: your 4-digit lot (account) number (many begin with a zero), the Parkwood Association #346, and the CAS ID# 937. When hitting the 'submit payment' button, only click on it once to prevent making unnecessary multiple payments.

Q. How do I pay my dues by check?
A. Send a personal check to: Parkwood Association C/O: CAS Inc. Processing Center P.O. Box 94707, Las Vegas, NV 89193-4707. Remember to include your lot number, the Parkwood ID #346 and CAS ID# 937 if you do not have a CAS payment coupon to enclose with your payment.

Q. I'd like to submit a photo of our beautiful community! How can I view the Picassa album on the Photos page?
A.  We would love to show off your great pics of Parkwood!  Here is the link to our Picassa page.

Q. How do I suggest an event for the Parkwood Events Calendar, or make a suggestion for the website?
A.  Feedback is great!  Just go to Webmaster Contact and we'll get back to you.

Q. What community standards do Parkwood enforce?
A. Broken windows must be repaired, as well as major structural and/or exterior damage.  Areas of missing or worn shingles must be replaced.  Dead or hazardous trees on private property must be removed.  Fences and mailboxes should be kept in good repair and grass should be cut to below 10 in. View the full Bylaws.

Q. What about parking restrictions?
A.  No junk cars, period.  All vehicles must be parked in a driveway or a parking zone on the street.  No vehicles are allowed that are over 5 tons, have more than 2 axles, and/or have a payload of 1.5 tons. You can contact the Parkwood HOA to petition for a waiver.

Q. What rules pertain to the lakes and parks?
A.  No motor vehicles (on or off water), activities should not be excessively loud. No littering or fireworks. Closed between 11 PM and 5 AM.  No swimming in the lakes. Lakes and parks are wildlife sanctuaries. No removal of brush, trees, or grass. Residents are responsible for guests & children. Infractions can result in residents being banned from lakes and parks by the HOA.

Q. How are these rules, and their infractions, regulated?
A.  The Parkwood Bylaws contain the full extent of prohibited actions and consequences.  As a rule, 
please report legal infractions to the Police or Sheriff and report Bylaw infractions to the the Parkwood HOA.  Infractions can result in the removal of the the offensive object at the owner's expense. The Community Standards Committee is responsible for investigating Bylaw-related complaints, notifying homeowners of being in violation of Community Standards, holding relevant hearings, and reporting on standards issues at Board meetings. Those in violation of HOA Bylaws can be fined a max of $100 a day and/or a directive issued for the HOA to remedy the problem and bill the person in violation.

Q. How do I ask a question that's not included in this FAQ?
No problem, just Contact the Webmaster.  Relevant Q&A's will be added to this FAQ.

 "Pursuant to N.C.G.S. Section 7A-38.3F, the association is required to notify its members yearly that members and the association may request voluntary mediation of any dispute with the association arising under the North Carolina Planned Community Act, or under the association's declaration, bylaws, or rules and regulations, other than a dispute relating solely to the failure to pay dues or assessments. Either party can decline to engage in mediation for any reason. The procedure for requesting mediation is set forth in the statute."