Bylaws At A Glance

Please see the full Bylaws for complete information.  The digest, below, is in no way intended to be a complete or legal document.
  ○ There will be an Annual Meeting of the Members in 
  ○ The Board is elected at the Annual Meeting for 
     two-year terms
  ○ Each district is represented by 2 directors
  ○ Members must own property to serve on the Board
  ○ Liaisons may be appointed for a max of 1 year
  ○ Please view the full Bylaws for Board duties
     and other details

Lakes & Parks
  ○ No motor vehicles allowed
  ○ Activities shall not be excessively loud
  ○ No littering or fireworks
  ○ Closed between 11 PM and 5 AM
  ○ No swimming in lakes
  ○ Wildlife sanctuary rules apply
  ○ No removal of brush, tree, or grass
  ○ Residents are responsible for guests & children
  ○ Any resident can and should report infractions to the 
  ○ Infractions can result in residents being banned from 
     lakes and parks by the HOA

Annoyance or Nuisance Regulation
  ○ Noxious/offensive objects or actions are prohibited 
  ○ Infractions can result in the removal of the offensive 
     object at the owner's expense (a lien, if necessary)
  ○ The Community Standards Committee is responsible
     for investigating complaints (upon the property, if
     necessary), notifying homeowners of being in
     violation of Community Standards (including notice
     of a hearing if the problem remains unresolved),
     holding these hearings, and reporting on standards
     issues at Board meetings
  ○ Those in violation can be fined a max of $100 a day
     and/or a directive issued for the HOA to remedy
     the problem and bill the person in violation.

Community Standards 
Violations of these standards are considered annoyances or nuisances (see previous section):
  ○ Building Maintenance
     • Replacement of missing or worn shingles
     • Replacement of broken windows
     • Repair of structural and exterior damage
  ○ Grounds Maintenance
     • Removal of dead or hazardous trees
     • Repair of fences and mailboxes
     • Keeping grass cut to below 10 inches
  ○ Vehicle Maintenance & Parking
     • No junk cars 
     • All vehicles must be parked in a driveway or
        a parking zone on the street
     • No vehicles over 5 tons, having more than 2 axles,
        and/or having a payload of 1.5 tons
     • Contact the HOA Board to petition for a waiver