For Realtors*

  Sections 32 - 37:

      •  Yes. HOA Name: Parkwood Association
      •  Dues: $225 per year (2014)
      •  President's Name: Bill Mitchell (2014)
          (address, see below:)            
      •  HOA Address: 1417 Seaton Road
      •  HOA Telephone Number: (919) 544-2161
      •  Website:  
      •  Transfer fee: Yes.
(For due diligence regarding Transfer fees and other closing information, please email CAS at
      •  Exterior Building Maintenance: No
      •  Exterior Yard/Landscaping Maintenance: No
      •  Common Areas Maintenance: Yes
      •  Trash Removal: No (City of Durham)
      •  Recreational Amenity Maintenance: Yes
      •  Pest Treatment/Extermination: No
      •  Street Lights: No (City of Durham)
      •  Water: No (Durham County)
      •  Sewer: No (Durham County)
      •  Stormwater Management/Drainage/Ponds: Yes
      •  Internet Service: No
      •  Cable: No
      •  Private Road Maintenance: No
      •  Parking Area Maintenance: No
      •  Gate and/or Security: No
      •  Other: Playgrounds, parks & lakes maintenance

*Buyers, Sellers, Designated Representatives and Closing agents: Please note, as of January 1, 2014, Parkwood Association has hired CAS, Inc. of Pinehurst, NC to manage HOA fees and closings for Parkwood Association.

      Other Info:
  • Membership in HOA? Mandatory. Stated in Governing documents
  • Insurance: Policy includes General liability for common areas. 
            CAS Closing form: (see 'info & docs' page)